Here are a few of my Favorite Recipes!

I love sharing recieps and cooking tips. Got any? Please feel free to email me your favorite and I may share it here.

Patricia and Thomas Nix 2015 Burger Cook-off Side Dish


When a longtime reader and friend Patricia Nix invited me to her home this past Labor Day weekend to judge her 2015 Burger Cook-off, I knew the perfect side dish to take along. Many times we are invited to BBQ's and gatherings and we bring a side dish only to be bothered with either putting it in the fridge or reheating it to serve hot. I always bring a side dish in a container that I am going to give to the hostess and it doesn't require heat or the fridge. The oil, vinegar and mustard base is perfect to serve at room temperature. Be careful like all prepared food you don't want it to stay out to long but served hot or cold it is still going to taste great.

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